How to Connect a Samsung Galaxy Tab to a PC via USB

If you ever need to access files on your Samsung Galaxy Tab, it’s sometimes quicker and easier to do so via your PC. With most phones and tablets, when they are connected to a PC with a USB cable, a file manager window usually appears on the PC screen, displaying the contents of the mobile device. You may find however that when you connect your Samsung Galaxy Tab to the PC, nothing happens and the PC does not seem to recognise it.
The solution I’ve found is simple…

  1. Do a Google search for “Samsung Kies” and click on the link to “Kies | Samsung UK” or go directly to
  2. Download the correct version of Kies depending on your device and PC or Mac.
  3. Install the Kies software

Without running Kies, the drivers automatically register with the PC and all of a sudden your Samsung Galaxy Tab starts talking with your PC like they’ve been friends for years.

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