How to Get Your "IT Finesse"

If you take one of our personalised packages we'll take you through what you need to do to get your itFinesse.
The basic steps are as follows;

  1. First of all we'll ask you to fill in a quick on-line questionnaire. This helps us to learn a little bit about who you are and where you need itFinesse to benefit you
  2. We arrange when we can meet on-line for your personalised consultation programme
  3. During the first session, we discuss you're IT objectives and goals
  4. During the remaining sessions, we complete your programme
  5. Once the programme is complete we'll have a chat to make sure that you've reach your goals and you are confident that you now have "itFinesse"
  6. You will get your official itFinesse certificate for you to proudly display over your mantlepiece
  7. If you want you can then take our lifetime itFinesse Assist package