About itFinesse

Get More out of IT

Today there are millions of gadgets, computer programs and Internet products available for us to use in our homes and businesses. Many of us own smart phones, PCs and tablets, stay in touch with friends using email and Facebook and may even use Microsoft Word and Excel to produce documents for work or business. We’ve come a long way yet researchers have found that the majority of people could benefit much more simply by learning a few technology basics.

itFinesse offers personalised assistance to those looking to finally get to grips with technology.


For the Home customer we’ll help you with things like :

  • doing more than making calls with your smart phone
  • getting your favourite pictures off your digital camera or PC onto your living room wall
  • having your phonebook available wherever you are on your phone, your tablet and your PC
  • using your phone’s calendar to remind you of special birthdays or important appointment
  • selling on-line using Ebay


For the Business customer we’ll give your firm the IT edge by helping you with things like;

  • getting your business on the Internet
  • advertising on-line via the Internet or via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter
  • using on-line storage (the cloud)
  • keeping track of your customers and accounts
  • selling your products on-line through Ebay or Amazon webfronts or your own e-commerce website